The Case of Anatoly Moskvin

Anatoly was born in Russia on September 1st, 1966. Moskvin was an only child to Elvira Moskvin and Yuri Moskvin. Anatoly had a very normal childhood. He was well provided for and had no problem with school, and was even among the smartest in his class. Although, he did struggle with making friends and speaking to people. His parents didn’t mind this because they felt that their son was too mature to relate with the other kids, so Moskvin didn’t talk to them. So instead of talking to people, he would spend time reading.

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This issue was probably why he…

Her Organs Were Stored In A Fridge

In May of 1999, a very distressed teenage girl paid a visit to the hong kong police station. This girl had just turned 14 years old, and she came alone with no guardian and reported to the police that she got haunted. So, this girl told the police about this one particular spirit that would come, and she described the spirit to be a young woman who looked to be in her twenties with blood smeared all over her. At this point, the police then realized why this teenage girl had come to them.

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This teenage girl confessed to the…

White privilege still exists?

If the race roles were reversed, I feel like this would have gone down a different route

These were the words of Jazzy Rowe who was severely punished by her white roommate just because she was black.

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Jazzy Rowe was a black girl who attended the University of Hartford. Jazzy became roommates with a white girl named Brianna Brochu whom she did not know had silently done all sorts of disturbing things to her personal belongings just because she was black.

According to Jazzy, when she first moved into her room, she already felt like she was not wanted. Brianna…

A Triple Homicide Case

Nadja Medley was a widow who lived alone with her daughter, Payton. According to her best friend Rebecca, Nadja had been through a lot. Mike Bullinger was the one who brought Nadja out of her sorrow when she lost her husband.

Photo from The Spectrum

Mike Bullinger was a commercial pilot living in a small town just outside soul lake city, he had just happened to walk into Nadja’s massage spa, and that was where their love story began. Rebecca said that after Nadja met mike, she started to smile more, and you could see it on her face that she was happy. Mike…

The cruel and heartbreaking story of Isabella Guzman

Isabella Guzman was an 18-year-old tiktoker who went viral for committing murder. She even developed a fan base who made fan edits and fan pages for her, mostly because she was pretty.

Photo from Distractify

According to research done by investigators, Isabella never acted like the other kids. She would hardly ever smile, play or even spend time with her parents. She was always so bitter and full of hate towards her mom, Yun mi Hoy.

Unfortunately for Isabella, her parents were poor and weren’t able to afford many things Isabella wanted. Her parents thought that as she aged, with time, she would…

Words of a Teenage Murderer

Heather Mack was a young girl who had very wealthy parents. She was spoiled and over-pampered since she was an only child. Her father had died of colleen cancer in Greece. The death of her father was what led to the toxic relationship between her and her mother.

Photo by author

At a very young age, she started to skip school and was usually seen with dangerous men. She even developed into stealing large sums of money from her mom and soon became violent towards her.
Apart from stealing from her mom, she would bite and beat up her mom just at the slightest…

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